Polkacide – San Francisco's Loudest Polka Band

Hello little polka pals and welcome!

Don't worry little polka pals, Polkacide is still playing though a bit selective on venues largely in Northern California or the Milwaukee/Chicago/Minneapolis tour of fests. Here's a video snippet from one of their favorite venues, The Cotati Accordion Fest: The Weiner Dog Polka (opens a new window)

Polkacide can be seen next at the Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico, California. Questions? Contact help@polkacide.com for more information.

~ peace, polka and piwo

Questions? Contact help@polkacide.com.


* "Exhilarating show, manic pace -- Polkacide are the ultimate entertainers"
... LocalLive - Chicago

* "Don't miss this show ... explosive mix that sounds like the Sex Pistols on kishka!" ... Barfly Newspaper - Chicago

* "Polkacide is one of the great San Francisco freak bands... You will dance. You may in fact slamdance. This is a punk rock show, except they play polka. Fun!!!" ... Josh Wilson - SF Gate

* "Best Local band for Scnitzel, Dachshunds, and dancing ... " S.F. Bay Guardian - 2000 "Best of the Bay"Voted Best of the Bay

* "... the Being witnessed an astounding performance by San Francisco- based ten-piece Polkacide. ...the `Cide rocked the Burning Man ..." Strobe Magazine

* "Best place to Overindulge Polka ... " S.F. Bay Guardian - 1998 "Best of the Bay"

* " The best musical moment was San Francisco's Polkacide show Saturday night." Richard Von Busack(at Burning Man'95), Metroactive

* "...I've never seen an opener do that. They took over the room." ...Queenie Taylor, S.F. booking agent

* " And right on the cutting edge of this most misunderstood of polyrhythms is San Francisco's Polkacide, America's premier hardcore polka band." ...Amy Linden, Spin Magazine

* " Best party band: Polkacide... big fun!" ...San Francisco Focus

* "...It's the weirdest conglomeration of people but what they play is authentic, no frills polka." ...Milwaukee Shepard Express

* " It's like a disease...no, it's like an apocalypse...no, it's like your worst nightmare of a Midwestern family reunion! It's Polkacide." ... Music Calendar, S.F. Chronicle

* " ...These days a band called Polkacide is one of the hottest nightclub acts in Northern California." Fred Schuster, Associated Press

* " Something about this 11 piece polka band, Polkacide ... struck a nerve from the start with the local clubsters." Joel Selvin, San Francisco Chronicle

* " What started out as a joke in San Francisco has blossomed into something of a cult, selling out venues with punked up ...polka..." Interview Magazine

* " With San Francisco's own Polkacide...paving the path...could it be polka is really truly finally hip?" Lorry Fleming, BAM

* "... Another great moment in Rock & Roll - Polkacide at the Covered Wagon ... What a band!...thrashing the...out of every polka possible! Truly I have seen god..." Sadie O, The Great American Press

* "...(Polkacide's) music is polka, no less and only a little bit more. Sometimes the playing is a bit more intense, sometimes the tempos are a bit more careening ... but polka is polka and fun is fun." Glenn O'Brien, Interview Magazine


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